Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Little Extra Happiness

A short while ago, I was in a Hallmark store with Melanie for something or other, and I suddenly noticed this little figurine which really spoke to me on a shelf next to the till. I had a closer look at it, and noticed that it is titled "Happiness" - so of course I had to buy it!

I am not the kind of guy who buys ornaments or things that don't have a practical purpose, yet I was taken by the simplicity and innocence of this one. According to the card that comes with it, in this range of figures by artist Susan Lordi, each is devoid of facial features - no mouth, eyes, or nose. The emotion expressed by each is conveyed purely by the pose. The tilt of the head, the position of the arms, and so on.

This one is a perfect example, and makes me appreciate my happiness each morning when I lay eyes on her!

If you want to see more, go to the Demdaco website


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