Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Global Amnesty

Global Amnesty...Continued:

Ok, now I have set up a new domain for Global Amnesty. I still have to add some content to it, but by all means take a look at what it looks like now - it is only one page so far, but will grow in time.

It will include thoughts and ideas on all aspects on human inter-relationship where pro-active amnesty would dramatically improve the current situation. For example, in the areas of race relations, and religious co-existence, to mention just two.

The goal is for more compassion, harmony, tolerance, peace, freedom and happiness.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Global Amnesty

There is something I have been thinking about for some time now. I touch on in my book, but now, for me, it has taken on a whole new life of it’s own.

I call it Global Amnesty:

Global:  of, or involving the entire earth; worldwide.
Amnesty:  cessation of remembrance of wrong; a general pardon for a past offence.

What this means to me, is that past aggression and discrimination against us, or our forebears, should no longer be allowed to drag us down. Let them go – they do us no good. They merely perpetuate fear, anger and destruction.

The "us" here, refers to "us" in every grouping we inhabit: as individuals right on up to the Global "us" of nations and inhabitants of Earth.

To see a practical, visible example of this, we could look at the conflict in the Middle East. It has been going on for decades, perhaps even centuries depending upon how you view it, and there is still no end in sight. The sides aren’t even listening to each other’s point of view.

“You did so-and-so to me, so I am going to make you sorry!”

This argument is used to justify actions between nations, and between unhappy couples in homes near you. It is in play on every level of human conflict. Pick any conflict, large or small; personal or global: this childish argument is there.

What it all means, is that it really doesn’t matter whether you are black or white; Muslim or Christian; gay or straight; old or young…or whatever label we wish to apply. None of these apparent differences matter at all.

We are all members of the human family, and we all want to be happy. Period.

It’s that simple…Really.

It is not necessary to take something away from someone else in order for us to be happy. We do not need to take away their pride, or money, or freedom, or sense of security.

This applies to all levels of society. In war, one side always wants to take something away from the other. In family conflict, the same process is in play.

We can do away with aggressive attitudes – on every level. We can start at home with the people we encounter every day and carry it forward to encompass our views and actions on a local, national and global stage. The strange thing is that we benefit psychologically from giving and doing good. We get nothing worthwhile from anger, fear and aggression.

Let’s be proud of who and what we are, but without feeling the need to shove it in everyone else’s face, or think that it makes us better than anyone else. Let’s accept that there are also other valid points of view. Let’s not sacrifice our future to some old grievance.

Don’t forget the “wrongs” – but learn from them. Celebrate the “rights” – and duplicate them.

The past is gone and bad experiences need not have any relevance to our future unless we choose to allow it to do so.

Let’s start afresh, soaring above the limitations the past placed on us! A new life really can start by making this simple decision.