Thursday, July 20, 2006

Why I Wrote The Book:

One of the frequent questions I am asked, is: "Why did you write Your Life Manual: Practical Steps to Genuine Happiness?" Well, there are long, and short answers to this!

Briefly, when I started researching happiness as part of my counselling and hypnotherapy practice, I found that most books on the subject seemed to focus on happiness either from a spiritual or religious standpoint; or more-or-less as a psychological textbook without the practical techniques most people want.

So I wrote my book with the intention of providing an understanding of how our minds work (in easy to read and absorb language), then provide simple, practical steps that anyone can take to achieve genuine happiness. This does not negate any of these other books, indeed many of them are excellent. I just approach it from a different direction (hopefully) without any jargon or dogma.

Another Definition of Genuine Happiness:

Here is another, quick view on what Genuine Happiness is all about. An easy way to test the quality of your happiness!

Genuine happiness is when you appreciate what you have, and don't spend time worrying, or chasing those things you don't. You know you are genuinely happy when this state continues for a period of time without significant ups and downs.