Tuesday, June 20, 2006


The subject of “Ubuntu” (pronounced “oo-boon-to”) has been gaining more interest here in North America recently. It is a word that is close to my heart, because it connects so well with the concepts described on the LovePeace website.

A brief definition of the philosophy could be: “A person is a person through other people.” It means that my future is inextricably bound up in yours, and that what hurts you will ultimately hurt me; what feeds you, feeds me. It is all about compassion and the interdependence we all share.

And doesn’t this tie in perfectly with Love, Peace, Freedom, Harmony and Happiness? If we care for others (particularly the less fortunate) as well as ourselves we are all enriched. Although this moves a little away from the original hippie ideals, it is all connected – perhaps a slightly more mature look at those ideals.

If you are interested in reading a bit more about ubuntu, have a look at Happiness and Ubuntu and Wikipedia. Nobel Laureate, Archbishop Desmond Tutu also talks about it in his book “God Has A Dream” – an excellent read regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Simple Way to Spread Happiness:

One of the things mentioned in Your Life Manual, is a suggestion from Richard Gere. When you catch a stranger’s eye as you are walking along the sidewalk (or whatever), instead of merely smiling as you go by; smile, and silently say to that person: “I wish you happiness,” as if you are communicating telepathically.

This is really neat, because you really are communicating telepathically in a way, and adding to the positive energy of the planet – you will feel better, and so will the other person. Of course they may not realize why their mood improved, and you may even get some strange looks …

Follow this link to more on Practical Steps to Genuine Happiness.