Friday, March 17, 2006

What is Genuine Happiness?

In some ways it is easier to say what it is not.

Genuine happiness has nothing to do with wealth, fame, appearance, or any of the other things we are told by advertising and the media are essential to our happiness. Winning the lottery or getting that promotion, may bring transitory happiness, but the effect will pass in time.

Genuine happiness is a state of being; the way we feel when we are content with our lot in life. When we feel good about ourselves, doing mainly what we enjoy. When we love and are ready to be loved. When we can look on anything (a scene, a cloud, a child, an animal ... whatever) with joy and wonder.

This requires that we are take responsibility for our lives (both the good and the bad), and think for ourselves. This in turn requires a foundational set of beliefs, or principles, against which to measure the experiences and ideas that we encounter. The Xhosa concept of "ubuntu" (described in the book) neatly fits the requirements for this foundation.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

To begin this, my first blog, I thank all who have read my recently published book, "Your Life Manual: Practical Steps to Genuine Happiness" (Revolution Mind Publishing, 2006).

There are many things that I would have liked to include in more detail but was unable to due to time or space limitations.

My plan is for this blog is to act as a supplement to my book - to add other relevant bits of information, expand on ideas or issues covered, and add new thoughts about related subjects.

We certainly would all be a lot happier in life if we were to get out of our own way!

If you would like more information on "Your Life Manual" - you are invited to take a look at The book is available from there (signed, and with a few other extras), from several online stores like or can be ordered through your bookstore.

Stay tuned for more soon ...